About ONEONTA-2-GO - Online ordering, takeout, and restaurant delivery to Cleveland, AL

Tell us where you are, and we'll bring the meal to you!

How It Works

Step 1

Pick a restaurant from the restaurant tab and tell us what you'd like to order. There is a $3 service charge on all orders.

Step 2

After adding items to your shopping cart, please select CHECKOUT from the toolbar above. If paying with cash, please note that our drivers ONLY CARRY $20 to make change. 

Step 3

Sit back and relax while you wait for your order. Our delivery fee is $3.75 up to 7 miles and $1 per mile after that.









What People Are Saying

exceptionall and professional service with a smile

84 days ago

Absolutely love this company

86 days ago

awesome service ; very courtesy

97 days ago

Excellent service ; very courtesy demeanor

99 days ago

It was very easy to navigate!

126 days ago

Always great service, on-tome and freindly!

250 days ago

I am excited to try this, our area needs something in our area.

252 days ago

Great idea, and prompt service!!

294 days ago

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